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Hi ~ I'm Jenn!

I passionately serve targeted parents who are ready to address core issues, remove mindset blocks, and effect positive change in themselves & for their child.

When I meet a new client my # 1 priority is listening with an open mind & open heart so I can meet them wherever they are in their journey.

From there I assess and identify the weaknesses and pitfalls in their approach so they save time, money, and tears by not adding to the struggle and chaos.

My mission is to help parents recover the life they deserve despite where they’ve been, or where they are right now.

I believe so strongly that when parents peel themselves off the ground, dust themselves off, and start living a balanced life from their center they will naturally pave the way for reunification with their child.

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If you are tired of feeling the way you feel and are ready to stop reeling...

Grab The Mind Over Matter Reset so you can start to unleash your mind's power and overcome the negative and limiting mindset that has you reeling after your child rejects you.

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