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Private Coaching…

…Your Answer To Feeling Deflated, Afraid, and Out of Control

Partnering with a trusted professional isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and bravery

More than 50% of marriages end in divorce in the U.S., and of that 15% are considered a high conflict divorce. That’s too many parents (and children) suffering through this difficult transition, and many are wandering through it lost and alone.

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“Jennifer has listened intently and given me strong, sometimes hard to hear advice and counsel. She has helped me find areas where I needed to improve. With her help my relationship with my children, my ex, and my boyfriend have all improved. She is not only a saint, she is a lifesaver!”

-Lauren, Mom

Private Coaching is a Perfect Solution For You If:

You think having your own personal strategic thinking partner, sounding board, and cheerleader will make a big difference in how you process, manage, and navigate the path you are on by having the compassionate guidance you need to handle the complex issues and overcome the big obstacles

You’ve been trying “all the things” on your own and have gotten nowhere closer to where you want to be which leaves you feeling defeated and hopeless

You struggle with feeling desperate, weak, and out of control of your emotions and want to be on more stable emotional ground

You need grace and understanding while processing difficult things without feeling triggered or judged so that you can pave a positive path forward for yourself and your child

You need new skills and tools because you realize that what you have been doing isn’t working and you need something that will work to restore you and create space for reconnecting with your child

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Still Not Sure if You Want a Private Coach?... …That’s OK!

If you're new ~

We’ve Made The Process of Figuring it Out Really Simple For You

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Step 1:


Fill out our comprehensive assessment form so we can get a feel for you and your situation. We use this as a basis to make sure that our skills and experience match your level of need. In other words, we only want to work with you when we really know we can help you.

Find The Assessment Here

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Step 2:


Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call to review your completed assessment. We use this call to make sure that we are a good match for each other and that our energies and intentions are a perfect match.

*Please allow for at least 2-3 days between submitting your assessment and your Discovery Call. We want to make sure we have ample time to review your assessment.

Jenn Mullins - Parent Interrupted Coach on computer

Step 3:


Enjoy all of the benefits of having a strategic and compassionate partner to inspire you, encourage you, and help you carry the heavy emotional load that you’ve been carrying on your own. You will instantly feel lighter and brighter than you have in a long time.

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“What Should I Expect From Private Coaching?”

…We Thought You’d ever Ask!

You can expect to be met by a compassionate listener and skilled problem solver who has walked (more miles than I care to count) in your shoes

A dedicated professional who thinks outside of the box and finds solutions that are tailored to you and your situation. I never try to fit you into a box and I don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions because I acknowledge that you and your children are unique individuals

You can expect to be validated, understood, and supported by your coach before, during, and after your sessions

You can expect to gain knowledge and awareness of parental alienation and how it is affecting your child and why it is causing them to reject you

You can expect to learn new skills and gather new tools for your parenting-toolbox so that you can confidently start rebuilding a peaceful life for you and your child

“Thanks Jenn! It means so much to have your support. I will follow your lead, as I didn’t have this type of support then. I spoke to the Clinical Psychologist about my daughter and it was so useless the advice she gave “wait until she is ready”...Anyway I feel more positive about the future with your guidance and support- Thank you so much!”

-Vanja, Mom

“Hey there - I’m Jenn!

I’m so ready to get to work with you. I can provide you with a precise road map for finding inner peace and reclaiming your life after parental alienation so that reconnection with your child is possible.

Most alienated parents never saw it coming and therefore find themselves behind the 8 ball from the very beginning. I help level the playing field and get you back on track. I break it down and give you my best strategies to help you show up “like you mean it” in your own life, and in your child’s lives too!

I don’t just tell you what you should do, I actually work with you while you do it so that you remain steadfast and confident as you make your approach. We will be a dynamic duo that keeps you centered, balanced, and in a peaceful state, because as I’ll teach you, you can’t fight fire with fire and this requires mindfulness, consciousness, and careful strategy to prevent you from adding to the conflict your child feels.

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I work with you in multiple capacities based purely on your needs. Perhaps you are knee-deep in litigation. I understand the plight of litigants and the struggles they face. Between my own personal experiences with family law combined with my decade-long career as a paralegal, I really know the ins and outs of the court system, legal strategy, and assisting you with the cumbersome task of preparing for court. Assisting clients with strategic legal writing, organizing evidence and documentation, preparing for custody evaluations, writing comprehensive parenting plans, and helping pro se litigants prepare for the courtroom - is my jam! My understanding of parental alienation, evidence, and the urgency to end the conflict means I can help you get results by fine-tuning how you prepare and present to the court.

Sometimes you are so lost and so deflated that you simply don’t know the next step to take or how to take it. You might be feeling so anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed that you’ve lost sight of where you want to go or how to get there. This is where I come to the rescue! We will plan your path forward together and help you move into a better space that is conducive to reconnecting with your child.

If you've been in our world or already know ~ book your session

What Are My Options For Private Coaching?

Individual Private Coaching Sessions


  • Individual private coaching sessions can be held via Zoom or telephone and are for times when you need to vent, manage a crisis, review your strategy, brainstorm, or need a pep talk to prepare you for any part of this journey that you just don’t want to walk alone. Sessions can be purchased “as needed” and individually. These sessions are perfect for any parent who needs intermittent support, strategy, and encouragement.

Private Coaching Package

$777 4 (Private Sessions)

  • (4) Private coaching sessions. The Private Coaching Package provides the ultimate tailor-made opportunity for you to achieve your unique goals by creating action plans, meeting checkpoints, and staying accountable against objectives. Voxer support for in-between sessions keeps you in check and serves to constantly remind you that you aren’t alone anymore! The package includes a 1 month's bonus membership in the CARES Crew Exclusive Membership Group for accountability and additional group support

“When I was first introduced to Jenn I had no clue that parental alienation was even a thing, or even what it meant. But since I have been working with her I have gained a ton of insight, wisdom, and most of all my peace. My relationship with my children has improved, I am happier with myself, and more confident in the future than I have been throughout this process. The things that Jenn has taught me have not only had a positive effect on me but she has changed the course of my children’s lives by helping me become the best man I can be for them!”

-Michael, Dad

I Love My Coaching Sessions With My People!

When is The Best Time to Start Coaching?

The best time to start coaching is NOW, no matter where you are in the process.

Whether you are recently separated or divorced just starting to notice subtle changes in your child and an increase in the conflict with your ex, or your child is actively rejecting you and you’ve lost all contact, you really cannot afford to waste another day!

Every single day that you and your child are being abused, manipulated, coerced, and controlled by your ex, and your negative emotions about it is another day of suffering and pain for your child.

You hold far more power in this situation than you believe anymore. But I’m here to remind you of that and to help you tap into it again!

You’ve got this! I’ll see to it!

If you still have questions and want to make extra sure that we are the perfect match for each other please schedule a complimentary Discovery Call so that we can decide together whether this is a partnership worth having!

I look forward to chatting with you!

Jenn Mullins - Parent Interrupted Coach on computer
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