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1:1 Private Coaching

When You're Feeling Deflated, Afraid, and Out of Control

A compassionate professional to guide you can make all the difference.

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I’m so ready to work with you. I can provide you with a precise road map for finding inner peace and reclaiming your life before, during, or after parental alienation so that real peace can be established to set you in the best place for when true reconnection with your child is possible.

Jenn Mullins - Parent Interrupted Coach with dog

During these sessions we will -

Ensure you are validated, understood, and supported by your coach

Gain knowledge and awareness of parental alienation and how it is affecting your child

Learn new skills to deal with situations that you get "hit" with

Gather new tools for your parenting-toolbox

So that you can confidently start rebuilding a peaceful life for you and your child.

Choose the option that works best for you.


Individual Coaching Session
$ 197.00
Individual Coaching Package (4 sessions)
$ 777.00
Individual Coaching Package (4 sessions) - 2 Weekly payments of $390.00 (partial payment)
Individual Coaching Package (4 sessions) - 4 Weekly payments of $200.00 (partial payment)


  • Individual Coaching Session

    Individual Coaching Parent Interrupted
  • Total

    USD $197.00


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